how to make website appear on top of Google

Websites are an integral part of any business these days and this is why there are thousands of websites being added to the internet every minute around the clock. This competition is positive in a way that all the users can get exactly what they are looking for, competition improves the quality of the content but at the same time, it is a challenge for the businesses to find their way out on the top. By the top, we mean the organic search results of Google.

Why is it important to be on the top?

It is simple if you are not seen the chances of getting engagement are close to zero. You have to present yourself in front of the right audience to get the fruit of digital media and this makes Google ranking an imperative. There are hundreds of competitive pages that are already ranking on the top and if you do not get to be on the first page, there are rare chances that anyone will click on the next page to find your website. This is why having a strategy to land on the first page of organic ranking is very important. Here are some tips that can help you.

1.      Long content with important keywords:

This is one of the most proven strategies. When you are posting longer and more detailed content on your website, it is more likely to answer the queries of a user. This is why Google’s system put longer content at the top of their search results. Since Google wants to assist its users in the best way and answer their queries closest to what they want, this strategy is very useful.

Longer pages have more content and more capacity for the required keywords to be adjusted. With more relevant words in the content, Google finds it more relevant. This is why the normal practice is to add at least 1000 words of content on each page. This is the normal standard but if you can add extra information on the page, that would be better in the longer run.

2.      Don’t accidentally block Google from accessing your website

At times the code of your website inadvertently blocks Google from accessing your web page. If you see that your page is not getting any traffic even after you have been trying for a long time, it means that your website has blocked Google the access that it needs. Make sure that you check it and any other issues that might be blocking your way up the search results. Indulging in some unethical SEO activities can be one of the most common reasons to either get blocked by Google or get punished and thrown at the end.

3.      Try to stay away from spam strategies:

Spam strategies have worked very well during the early stage of the internet. People would analyze what Google bot is looking for as keywords and they will overuse that keyword to make the bot think that their content is more useful to the user. But things have changed drastically. The algorithms have changed and now there are many parameters that will access the quality of content that is being posted. This is why you should be very cautious when trying on any SEO strategy. Always keep your target audience in mind when you are implementing any strategy and you’ll be good to go.

Spam strategies are not only useless but also they can be counterproductive for your website. Once you are under the radar of spam, your website will be buried deep inside and the chances of you gaining your previous popularity back will be close to zero.

4.      Mobile-optimize your website:

People no longer stick to one type of device when they are using the internet. They have phones, tabs, and other devices that they will use to access your website. Every good website must be optimized for mobile otherwise Google will not sort it on the top. This is because Google analyzes websites to be the most convenient for every user; they won’t compromise on it and neither should you.

5.      Make it load quickly:

People do not wait for your website to load no matter how good, easy and informative it is. All your hard work will go down the drain if you do not optimize your website. Do not add unnecessary things in your code and make sure that you remove even a few seconds delay from your product. If people won’t stay at your website, Google will consider it useless and its ranking will go down.

Slight things can impact the overall value of your page. The best way is to keep in mind the techniques and make the quality of your content better too

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